GE Healthcare helps you deliver clinical excellence through our commitment to operational excellence

Meeting your patient and procedural needs

  • A broad portfolio of products across modalities

Ensuring supply will continue to meet your demand

  • $65 million+ expansion in manufacturing capacity in the last 3 years

Allowing you to schedule procedures with confidence

  • Global reach is supported by a direct logistics network, as well as multiple local distribution centres, for punctual deliveries

Providing confidence in product and process quality

  • All sites are GMP accredited with an excellent track record and no enforcement actions

GMP: good manufacturing practice

1. GE Healthcare Data on File_Investment.
2. GE Healthcare Data on File_Quality.

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Expansion so that supply continues to meet your demand

Generating one third of the global market, GE Healthcare already has the world’s largest X-ray API manufacturing facility.

With rapid patient and procedural growth, demand for X-ray contrast media has increased by 40% in the last 5 years.

So we have expanded our network, investing over $65 million to increase capacity from 2013 to 2016.

Both primary API production and secondary filling and finishing capacity increased by 50% from 2013 to 2016:

  – Additional investments are in progress to take this up by a further 50% by 2019.

API: active pharmaceutical ingredient

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2. GE Healthcare Data on File_Investment.

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Thorough contingency planning to minimize risk to your contrast supply

GE Healthcare contrast media products are used in more than 70 million procedures a year.
That is equivalent to two patients being injected every second

Maintaining supply is also a priority:

We have four manufacturing sites

  • All owned and managed by GE Healthcare for greatest control
  • With multiple suppliers for security of iodine supply

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Robust controls so you can have confidence in our products and processes

  • Some 20% of employees across our global manufacturing sites work in quality assurance/ quality control

All sites are GMP accredited with an excellent track record with regulatory agencies across the globe and no enforcement actions

GMP – good manufacturing practice

1. GE Healthcare Data on File_Quality.

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Product packaging

Packaging designed for your workplace efficiency and safety

+PLUSPAK is only available from GE Healthcare

Streamlining process and traceability:

  • Colour coding, triple tracking stickers, integral hanger, easy to read both upside and down

Reducing hazard and downtime:

  • No more broken bottles, no more glass or ring-pull injuries

Reducing costs and environmental impact:

  • Less storage space, lower disposal costs, reduced environmental impact

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