Innovation to enable advanced radiation therapy planning

Advanced radiotherapy procedures rely upon precision imaging and efficient workflow, requiring an exceptional CT simulator to meet those needs. The Discovery CT590 RT is your solution to achieving high-quality treatment planning. It outSMARTs metal and motion with our new Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR)1 and Smart Devicelesss 4D1 technologies.

Discovery CT590 RT comes loaded with our high-powered 100kW tube, Advantage 4D respiratory gating solution and ASiR.

And with efficient virtual simulation1, it increases productivity, while saving critical time. Connecting the full spectrum of oncology care, the Discovery CT590 RT achieves high-quality treatment delivery from scan to plan.

Learn more about Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) now offered on Discovery CT590 RT.

Learn more about Smart Deviceless 4D now offered on Discovery CT590 RT.

1. Optional


Precise and efficient radiation therapy simulator – benefits from scan to plan:

“I can see the image details necessary for accurate treatment planning” 

  • Smart MAR1 – metal artifact reduction may enable visualization of organs 
  • 4D Motion Management – see how anatomy is moving in time to precisely target tumors 
  • Advantage Sim91 – efficiently complete treatment planning in a single user interface and utilizing workflow automation tools

“My site consistently executes the complete workflow from imaging to treatment delivery” 

  • Advantage 4D – fast & robust capability to create gated image sets for treatment planning & delivery 
  • MicroVoxelTM technology & 100kW tube – provides high IQ in thin slices for precise imaging 
  • Smart MAR – metal artifact reduction may enable visualization of organs

“My site consistently executes the complete workflow from imaging to treatment delivery” 

  • Smart Deviceless 4D1 – is fast and easy to use because it skips 7 manual steps, thereby saving time for the therapist and freeing their attention to focus on the patient 
  • Smart Deviceless 4D – designed for patient comfort and natural breathing… no belts, blocks, or markers touching the patient
  • 80cm wide-bore access for easy patient positioning and setup

“I trust the simulator to perform consistently for my patients & employees” 

  • An integrated workflow – link seamlessly with GE’s efficient virtual simulation suite and treatment planning systems 
  • Proactive service – access exceptional uptime and built-in online tools to help facilitate smooth operations 
  • Flexibility – When your needs change, the scalable systems and features are ready to adapt with you

1. Optional


We outsmart metal and motion while delivering precise imaging and efficient workflow

We outSMART metal and motion 

  • Smart Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR)1 enhances clarity across a range of dense objects, including hip prostheses and dental work, by reducing photon starvation and beam hardening 
  • Smart Deviceless 4D1 provides respiratory gating without an external device, simplifying the workflow by eliminating as many as half of the manual steps from conventional device-based 4D workflow

We Deliver Precision Imaging 

  • MicroVoxel™ achieves fine detailed visualization and isotropic imaging, enabling accurate contours and treatment plans 
  • Powerful 800 mA tube & 100 kW generator maintain high flux even in thin slices and large bore 
  • ASiR* reconstruction technology2 provides clarity without compromising the final image and may enable improvement in low contrast detectability and lower dose amount

Designed for RT 

  • TG66-compliant tables enable precise patient positioning that have weight capacities ranging from 500 lbs. to 650 lbs. and are compatible with many radiation oncology accessories 
  • 80 cm wide bore with 65 cm displayed field of view provide the freedom to position large patients for challenging diagnostic studies

We Manage Motion with 4D Imaging 

  • Advantage 4D respiratory gating solutions offer options — including both prospective and retrospective respiratory gating—to plan radiotherapy precisely for tumors in motion. Complete with the Auto 4D Feature, which allows 4D images to be automatically binned, networked and available within 90 seconds or less.

Get Smart with Smart Dose 

  • Color Coding for Kids facilitates pediatric care while adhering to the ALARA principle 
  • 3D modulation algorithm automatically adjusts the mA as you scan along x-y-z axes, maintaining image quality while optimizing dose 
  • Dose Management delivers the correct dose with Dose Check, DICOM Structured Report & DoseWatch*1

Connect from Scan to Plan 

  • MD Connect1 connects the full spectrum of oncology care by providing multi-modality data accessible anywhere & full DICOM inter-operability

Multimodalities. One Fusion. 

  • Integrated Registration1 allows CT, MR, PET and SPECT datasets to be automatically registered helping you target critical structures with confidence

Seamless Planning. Or Replanning. 

  • AdvantageSim MD1 increases productivity through effortless 4D review and simulation and unlimited flexibility to utilize multi-modality data planning. Now available in release 9 with autosegmentation and replanning.

1. Optional

2. In clinical practice the use of ASiR may reduce patient CT dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.

Virtual Simulation

From scan to plan with AdvantageSim MD: efficient and seamless solution for treatment simulation and patient marking!

  • Quickly perform isocenter marking with minimal mouse clicks 
  • Effortless 4D review and simulation 
  • Unlimited flexibility to utilize multi-modality data in planning 
  • Automated tools for workflow efficiency & simplicity

Learn more about AdvantageSim MD.

Full image fusion with Integrated Registration: multi-modality image management!

  • Combine and display images from any two of the five major modalities (CT, MR, PET, SPECT, X-ray angiography) 
  • Easy registration and fusion 
  • 2D, 3D, and hybrid capabilities 
  • Rigid and non-rigid (deformable) registration tools

Learn more about Integrated Registration.

MD Connect

AW streamlines post-processing so you can maximize your most valuable asset: time. And by bringing together all imaging techniques, AW boosts your productivity across all modalities… CT, MR, PET, SPECT, Interventional, and presents a consistent user interface for all clinical applications.

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