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The Optima CT660 SE is a new generation volume CT scanner with a simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation.
It addresses a new era of exceptional patient care and operational excellence to facilitate fast acquisition at low dose.

Moreover it is designed to provide full capabilities in advanced applications such as:

  • Advanced cardiac applications

  • Oncology

  • Angiography

  • Dynamic imaging

Users benefits

Meet your radiographic challenges

The Optima CT660 SE is designed to help you address challenging imaging situations, while also offering both high image quality and multiple dose reduction features on one platform that help facilitate your day to day clinical practice delivering performance without compromises.

  • Emergency situation – Scan in one pass with diagnostic image quality and images reconstructed in real time

  • Oncology – Detect, characterise and quantify lesions

  • Angiography - Extended range for dynamic CTA and functional assessment

  • Perfusion - Twice the coverage with less dose

  • Cardiovascular - Comprehensive solutions for heart and vessels assessment.

    • Scan the heart in 5 beats with 40mm detector

    • Cardiac acquisition at low dose with SnapShot* Pulse

    • Using Snapshot Pulse and ASiR* allows up to 83% dose reduction

  • Sufficient image performance at low dose - Diagnostic image quality for confident diagnosis at reduced dose.
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  • Simplicity – Simple to use, default patient positioning to reduce manual positioning, semi-automated post-processing for improved workflow.

  • Patient care and comfort – Enhanced table coupled with a user friendly console to confirm patient information and program scan in the scan room.

Optima CT660SE

Patients benefits

Improve patient comfort and experience

The Optima CT660 SE was designed to provide a new level of comfort for a relaxed scan experience:

  • Improve patient comfort while pre scanning through optimized ergonomics on the scanner.

  • Help reduce patient stress Xtream Display allows the radiographer to set up the scanning protocols directly from the gantry in the scan room, enabling more time by the patient.

  • Fast diagnostic with fast scans up to 1800 mm of scannable length with less than 1 second.

  • Diagnostic quality scans with Dose Optimization Technology.

  • Detect small lesions using the Optima CT660 Spatial Enhanced high power and thin slices capabilities.

Optima CT660

Solutions and Services

Solutions & Services

We designed the Optima CT660 SE to help answer your clinical needs and we also provide a complete Service & Solutions offering to always enhance your daily experience:

Service and solutions