The improved OEC Fluorostar is the most lightweight and agile full-sized OEC C-arm ever developed.

However, don’t underestimate the power and versatility of this truly compact C-arm. Providing beautiful image quality in applications from basic orthopedic to vascular, the OEC Fluorostar can be moved and positioned quickly in most any type of procedure room.

  • All-in-one, lightweight system with a small footprint

  • Versatile applications including vascular capabilities

  • Superb image quality with point-and-shoot operation


Simplify your workflow with an all-in-one, lightweight system

  • Operated by a simple dualside touchscreen, offering user accessibility from either the left or right side of the C-arm and eliminating the cumbersome keyboard and mouse

  • Positioning is made easy with color-coded brake controls

  • Move through your workflow easily using the dual touchscreen icons for patient information, image adjustment options, live image tools, post-image processing, and DICOM

  • Its wifi connectivity allows you to share exams instantly

Get the clinical versatility you need

Whether you are facing vascular emergencies in the ER or need to identify a tiny fracture in a Physician office, you can expect to produce a high quality image to aid in patient care with the OEC.


Its compact size and affordability makes this system a valuable tool for ICU/CCU departments

Emergency room

The OEC Fluorostar can give you the ability to image right in your emergency room. Great in aiding in quick diagnoses when time is of the essence

Surgery centres

The OEC Fluorostar can be the right solution when there are space constraints, but basic imaging is desired


Imaging for cystoscopy, stone retrieval, urodynamics and other urology procedures can be simple and accurate with the OEC Fluorostar. The urologist can check the injection of contrast agent material from the kidney with the Fluorostar’s Cine option.

Physician offices

The compact point-and shoot feature helps for quick diagnosis and patient workflow management.

Endoscopy lab

During procedures like bronchoscopy, spine surgeries or ERCP, the OEC Fluorostar can track the progression of the endoscope.


Superb image quality at a low dose

  • The high resolution CCD Camera and 1k x 1k image processing work together to create an optimal image for most any procedure

  • The single or dual high-luminance 19” flat-screen, ultra-thin monitors provide staff with the clear crisp images that can enable outstanding patient care

  • Preview Collimation helps to reduce overall patient and staff dose through the ability to preview shutter/iris collimator positioning without an exposure

  • The system allows users to easily select pre-defined fluoro modes - such as the pediatric option, half dose or pulsed - for imaging anatomy at optimal mA and kV levels

  • The use of the Pulsed Mode – with the option between 1 to 8 pulses per second – may result in a decreased dose to patient and staff


OEC Fluorostar Portfolio

An extraordinary portfolio

The OEC Fluorostar offers multiple configurations to meet the access needs of nearly any procedure room.


Smallest Fluorostar with one monitor on the mainframe suited for small rooms.


Fluorostar with dual monitors on the mainframe means easy set up for rooms.


Fluorostar base that connects with the lightweight dual monitor cart.


The smallest Fluorostar plus lightweight monitor cart offers three monitors in space-constrained rooms.


Fluorostar with four monitors - dual monitors on the mainframe and two additional on the lightweight cart.


Brilliant. The right image at the right dose.
We know how important it is to help clinicians get the right image at the right dose in mobile surgical imaging. That's why we developed Brilliant.

Brilliant is a comprehensive program designed to help reduce operator dose long term through education, tools and improved dose management. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Contact us to learn more about C-arm Radiation Safety Training.
  • Download our OEC Radiation Safety Quick-Guide.
  • Visit the Apple App store on your iPad to download a copy of the OEC iGuide App.
  • View a video about the benefits of Brilliant: