Quantitative Ultrasound

Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) offers you portable and accurate technology for measuring bone properties at the heel without the use of ionizing radiation. When measured at the heel, QUS helps you accurately predict fracture risk for post-menopausal women.

Our Achilles family of bone ultrasonometers is built on advanced QUS technology proven in 11 prospective studies—more than any other QUS device.




Achilles healthymagination validation

GE’s healthymagination innovations are validated based on the proven level of contribution towards GE’s healthymagination goals of enabling 15% reductions in cost and 15% improvements in access and quality of healthcare. Innovations to be validated are submitted, along with supporting technical documentation, to Oxford Analytica whose independent network of scholar experts uses a predefined scoring system to assess the strength of the evidence supporting the innovation’s claims.

Achilles has been awarded healthymagination validation by external independent experts Oxford Analytica on cost, access and quality. 

Download the Oxford Analytica Announcement (PDF). 

Download the  Achilles healthymagination fact sheet (PDF).




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