Powerful tools to evaluate growth and development

We designed the Pediatrics software application to help you accurately assess and monitor children’s unique growth and development. Pediatric software assesses more than just bone mineral density (BMD). It also analyzes lean- and fat-tissue mass. In addition, these advanced pediatric-analysis tools enable you to compare skeletal- and chronological-age analyses and BMD results against gender-specific reference populations.

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Excellent growth and development monitoring in pediatrics—bone, fat, and lean tissue

Pediatric bone densitometry applications allow you to provide detailed analysis that is specifically relevant for monitoring children. In addition, we provide extensive reference data from recent childhood studies for total body, spine and femur, BMD and body composition measurements. Pediatric tools also generate comprehensive trending to track development.


The Pediatric application provides relevant clinical capabilities, including:


  • AP spine, total-body, and proximal-femur BMD exams
  • Total body composition with segmented analyses for bone, lean tissue, and fat   
  • Pediatric Total Body Less Head (TBLH) mode acquires measurements of total body bone density with or without inclusion of the head, with reference data for both analysis modes 
  • Pediatric reference data from the Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study (BMDCS), sponsored by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), with more than 1,500 children ages 7-17 years; enhances pediatric reference-population data for total body, spine and femur BMD
  • Pediatric Asian Reference data includes population data from more than 1,600 children age 5-19, acquired from two Chinese geographical regions
  • Height-adjusted analysis of femoral neck region
  • Pediatric body-mass ratios expand the capability for growth and development analysis, including measures of muscle development and muscle-bone balance

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