Your RIS/PACS system is integral to your workflow. Its specialized tools give you access to the entire range of studies generated by your department’s imaging systems. With real time worklists that help balance case loads and real time exam status to prioritize urgent cases, your PACS system streamlines your workflow and helps you be more productive.

When your radiologists need to go beyond 2D image review with complex multimodality studies, an integrated workflow can help optimize productivity, and offer better physician experience as well. Whether it’s simple MIP/MPR viewing or more advanced 3D visualization tools, simplicity for the user can help drive efficiency.

AW Server PACS Integration lets you launch Advanced Visualization applications directly from your RIS/PACS system. The breadth and depth of the AW application portfolio enable you to get more precise, detailed information across modalities and care-areas. With these tools, you can provide your colleagues and referrals with timely information that can help lead to positive patient outcomes. With the AWS integration with PACS, one desktop can meet all your reading needs.  


  • Makes your RIS or PACS driven workflow more powerful by providing access to AW applications portfolio directly from the same desktop.
  • Reduces IT Complexity with automatic push of completed AW exams to PACS.
  • Facilitates incorporation of sophisticated 3D visualization and analysis into your routine reviews with integrated log in between AW Server and PACS.


PACS Integration provides:

  • The capability to launch AW Server applications from the PACS worklist.
  • Automatic saving of AW post processing session into the PACS database at the end of the session.
  • Dedicated monitor support (Centricity only. For 3rd party PACS, check with PACS vendor.)
  • Thin slice storage workflow.
  • Multi-session capability.
  • Access from standalone PC.
  • Seamless SSO log in.

For sites using PACS as their primary worklist, the integration lets you launch AW Server applications from the PACS user interface. And results saved during an AW post processing session are automatically pushed to PACS at the end of the session. 

For sites using RIS as their primary worklist, the PACS command line integration option enables integration of both RIS and PACS with AW server. Hence, AW applications may be launched from either RIS or PACS.  And results saved during an AW post processing session are automatically pushed to PACS at the end of the session.

You can choose one of two ways to integrate your RIS/PAS with the AW Server:

  • Basic front end (Standard)
    • Lets you launch AW Server from PACS or RIS.
    • Provides seamless log in.
    • Provides context synchronization at exam launch.
    • Automatically pushes competed AW exams to PACS.
  • Full front end (Hybrid)1
    • Launch 3D application directly from PACS worklist.
    • Provides context sharing integration of PACS and AW Server with two image databases.
    • Provides seamless log-in.2,3
    • Automatically pushes images to PACS
    • Stores thin slices on AW Server and thick slices on PACS.

1. Requires hybrid integration of your PACS with AW Server. Check availability of Hybrid integration API support with your PACS vendor. Available on specific GE Centricity PACS release. Not available on PACS-W and RIS-IC.
2. Exam opened on PACS sets context for exam shown on AW.
3. Exam opened on PACS sets context for exam shown on AW. 


One Seamless Workflow Environment
By Laurent Stefani, Global Marketing Manager, Dexus, & Paul Edwards, EMEA Product Manager, Dexus

One solution that streamlines image postprocessing. You asked for it, now we’ve delivered it. GE Healthcare introduces Dexus*, a workflow environment that optimizes reading experience and productivity from image acquisition through results reporting. Built on the trusted GE AW and Centricity* platforms, Dexus links imaging devices, clinical applications, and IT for access to advanced visualization tools across modalities and patient care settings - whether the emergency room,clinical area, or physician office.

“Dexus provides our facility with the ideal workflow environment, allowing easy collaboration between colleagues, while providing access to data from a workstation, PACS, or home.”
Dr. Richard A. Kane

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Integration and Information the Cornerstone of Radiology
By William P. Shuman, MD, FACR, Director of Radiology, University of Washington Medical Center

Radiology embraced the digital revolution more than 20 years ago. In most hospitals today, radiologists perform their diagnoses in virtually an all-digital environment. Alternate care sites—clinics and physician offices—are quickly following in the same direction, if they are not already there. However, as imaging and information technology advanced at varying levels over the past two decades, radiology departments have become a multisystem environment. As a result, radiologists utilize an array of systems—many from different manufacturers—to read and report the patient diagnosis. These systems include, but are not limited to, PACS, RIS, HIS, Speech Recognition, and advanced image processing.

“Remember, as radiologists, we are integrators of information, and the more our tools complete these tasks for us, the more efficient we can be in our diagnoses and consultations.”
Dr. William P. Shuman

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