Today’s imaging modalities provide a wealth of diagnostic information, but also present a challenge to your Radiology workflow as patient exam sizes continue to increase while your time for reading and reporting decreases. Volume Viewer provides you with a rich 3D image processing toolset aimed at creating and displaying the views you need with minimal user input, and streamlining interpretation and reporting for multimodality exams.

Volume Viewer provides state-of-the-art 3D visualization and processing capabilities for reading and comparing CT, MR, 3D X-ray, PET, and PET/CT datasets. Volume Viewer also features a broad portfolio of high-performance analysis tools, automating routine tasks and helping to make 3D image processing a stress-free component of your routine workflow.


  • Powerful SW platform for multi-modality clinical applications.
  • Streamlined 3D review workflow.
  • Automatic image loading and processing.
  • AutoSelect segmentation tools with easy point and click segmentation of structures of interest. 
  • Multi-modality contouring.
  • Dynamic Load.
  • Consistent image capture capability. 


  • Streamlined 3D review workflow with features like: RIS connection, Post-Fetch, Dynamic Compare, Auto-Contour and Auto-push for Key Images 
  • Automatic image loading and processing with AutoLaunch and One touch protocols. 
  • Smart Layouts with VV General Review. 
  • Direct access to favorite tools on the review controller. Drag and drop tools customization. 
  • Protocol management and loading with “My Protocols.” Accessed with one button click. 
  • Dynamic Volume Review provides an interactive view port control for Cine, slice paging, and slice thickness adjustment.
  • Enhancing and smoothing filters to improve CT image quality. 
  • MR Volume Viewer provides access to all 3D tools, recognition of PSD name, image weight, scan plane and specific MR parameters at loading. 
  • Customizable MR review protocols. 
  • Curved VOI allows display of MIP, MinIP, or VR ROI along a curved projection. 
  • Multi-modality contouring.
  • AutoSelect segmentation tools with easy point and click segmentation of blood vessels and other structures of interest. 
  • Annotation tools to mark findings and regions of interest.
  • Fast and reliable volume rendering.
  • Enhanced rendering of structures with high contrast.
  • Creation of multiple volume rendered models that may be merged into a single view. 
  • Navigator view display with Best Guess threshold. 
  • Consistent image capture capability.
  • Interactive 3D export to QuickTime1 VR objects.

System Requirements

An updated and expanded Volume Viewer (Voxtool 11.x) is available for AW Volume Share 5 and AW Server 2.0. The installed base of AW 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 (8400xw, xw8600, and z800 workstations) and AWS 1.0 will support software upgrades to this Volume Viewer release. (Older AW platforms may be upgraded to 11.x with a hardware upgrade).



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