Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is increasingly used as a non-invasive alternative for assessing iron levels in the liver and as a more accurate way to determine iron burden in cardiac tissue. Used primarily to follow organ overload in β-thalassemia patients and patients with hemochromatosis, MRI can also be used to assess patients with other iron overload conditions such as sickle cell disease.

StarMap clinical image

Accurately assessing and reporting the results of these studies to referring physicians is an essential part of developing an effective therapy protocol.

StarMap 4.0 is a post-processing technique that helps evaluate iron content in the heart and liver. StarMap 4.0 includes a variety of tools to streamline workflow and enables you to generate comprehensive reports.


  • Analyzes multi-echo fast gradient echo images and generates T2* curves, R2* color maps and associated reports. 
  • Supports multiple ROIs.
  • Displays T2* decay curves within the region of interest (ROI).
  • Quantifies T2* times or R2* values for pixels within the region of interest (ROI).
  • Integrated, easy to use advisory panels help you through the analysis process.
  • Customize and edit reports. 
  • Generate movies and still images in jpeg, tiff, png, avi , and DICOM secondary capture. 


  • Program includes an advisory panel to guide you through each step of analysis. 
  • Superimpose R2* color maps to display areas within the anatomy of interest that exhibit R2* values.
  • Draw ROIs in any area to display the T2* decay curve for pixels within that area. Multiple regions of interest (ROIs) can be drawn on any image.
  • T2* times (in ms) or R2* values (in Hz) are calculated for pixels within each placed region of interest (ROI) based on an iterative T2* calculation algorithm. Input scaling factors and a result in mg/g of hepatic iron is displayed.
  • Customizable macros allow for patient-specific reports with a mouse click.  
  • Archive reports or cine images in DICOM format for view on any DICOM viewer. 

System Requirements

  • GE Healthcare Discovery* MR750 3.0T or Signa* HDxt 1.5T or 3.0T MRI scanner
  • AW 4.2P or above. 

Intended Use

StarMap analysis provides the user with the ability to analyze cardiac multi-echo fast gradient echo data sets. The signal decay curve of regions of interest can be plotted and fit to the T2star equation to help assess iron overload. Color maps can also be generated and displayed on the image to assist in the visualization of the data.

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